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Proud to be Green!
Capital Printing Enterprises is committed to the management and preservation of our natural resources and to providing environmentally-conscious options for our customers. This allows us to offer Earth-friendly alternatives to our customers.

Environmental Policy
Capital Printing Enterprises acknowledges the environmental impact caused by our business operations, products and services. We strive to promote global environmental preservation and embrace the concept of pollution prevention.

All our employees are aware of the global effort at environmental protection. We have and will continue to develop and maintain an environmental management system, engaging in continuous improvement by developing internal controls and working with our suppliers to select materials that minimize or eliminate any damage to the environment.

We clearly identify and comply with regulatory requirements, regional ordinances and agreements, or other requirements accepted by the Company.

High Quality 100% Recycled Paper

  • 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber
  • Zero trees harvested to support manufacturing
  • Zero fossil fuels are consumed to provide energy
  • Carbon-neutral output
  • Chlorine-free manufacturing
  • Neutral pH and Acid free Content


  Green Printing